A project born from a young and stubborn Italian team. The intent of the Malona brand is not only to produce high quality products for sport. In fact, our mission is also to offer digital innovation at the service of our customers, increasing value for them and encouraging a wider diffusion of padel.


NFT technology

Malona has developed a project that involves the creation of a unique NFT (Non Fungible Token) linked to the Malona M100 and M200 rackets.

In fact, an NFT is associated with it which can only be obtained once the Malona M100 or M200 racket has been purchased. This mechanism is not limited to the primary market only, in fact by purchasing the racket from a previous owner and equipped with the Malona Card, it will be possible to request the wallet to wallet transfer.

What is this NFT for? By taking possession of this token you will have the right to access a series of benefits limited to holders.


Before going into detail we want to tell you what your NFT will give you access to.
By downloading it you will have the opportunity to present it together with the MALONA CARD to obtain a 15% discount voucher on all Malona products, for three subsequent purchases. You will also be subscribed to a private newsletter which will give you access to pre-sales, access to private events and much more.

Write an email to info@malonapadel.it with the following information:

  • Customer code (which you can find on the Malona card)
  • Serial number of the racket (found on the Malona card)
  • Metamask Wallet ID (available by opening the Metamask wallet*)

If the information received is complete and correct, we will transfer the Malona NFT to your wallet as soon as possible.

*follow this link https://it.cryptonews.com/guides/metamask-guide-how-to-set-up-metamask-wallet.htm with instructions for creating a Metamask wallet.

Once the wallet is created, make sure the selected network is “Main Etherium Network”.