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M100 racket

M100 racket

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Explosiveness and extreme maneuverability make the Malona M100 a racket suitable for medium-high level players. Attractive design, developed and designed entirely in Italy, will make you recognizable on the field. The combination of high quality 18k carbon and EVA rubber allows you to easily control even the most difficult shots. The finish with texture effect and 3D Spin+ technology will allow you to give greater effect to all your game trajectories.

Game type Hybrid
Weight 355g
Form Hybrid / Drop
Balancing Medium / High
Profile thickness 38mm
External core 18k carbon
Inner core EVA White
Tubular 100% Carbon
Surface Smooth with 3D Spin+ effect


Malona M100 weighs 355g and thanks to its lightness it guarantees excellent handling for players, especially at the net.
Its specific weight, also combined with the anti-vibration system, designed in the triangle of the racket, make Malona M100 suitable for players who suffer from epicondylitis and joint problems.
The tubular part of the racket is entirely made of carbon as well as the surface of the racket is made of 18K carbon, high performance and top quality carbon.
The rubber of the racket is a White EVA rubber, it is soft and allows for very rapid ball release thanks to the slingshot effect that is generated during impact.
The mix of lightness, carbon and rubber allow the Malona M100 to be unique in terms of explosiveness and power without losing anything in terms of control.
In fact, the sweet spot (also called sweet spot) of Malona M100 is very large, helping the player even in the defensive phase when using lobs or chiquites.


The Malona M100 design was developed entirely in Italy and stands out for its
elegant and distinctive appearance. The cap of the racket is characterized by the reproduction of the M
M100 features a shiny black glitter effect paint on the plate capable of attracting
attention and amaze observers. On a chromatic level, the typical colors of the Malona brand come
reproduced in the racket triangle where the icons with the are also reproduced in white
technical characteristics of the shovel, in addition to the QR code to download NFT associated with each single
The surface of the racket is characterized by this texture effect generated by the intersection
of the stylized Malona logo in silver. The center of the Malona M100 plate features the
Malona logo highlighted compared to the chromatic choice of the background.
The racket feels smooth to the touch, except for the Malona logo in the central part
characterized by the 3D Spin + effect, i.e. the small M's in relief that allow players
to generate magnificent spin effects on the ball.
On the head of the racket there is an extended Malona writing with a silver effect, as well as
The writings Play The Future and M100 appear on the sides of the racket.
Unique and attractive design will not make you go unnoticed on the pitch, are you ready
to play?


Malona M100 is sold integrated with a heat-insulated sheath suitable for transport and storage
maintenance of the shovel. The internal material creates an ideal thermal habitat for Malona M100,
so that the rubber does not undergo sudden and significant temperature changes capable of limiting and reducing
premature way the life and durability of the racket.
This case, characterized by Lake Malona, ​​allows the racket to be transported in a convenient way
simple and functional thanks to the shoulder strap.
The Play The Future brand claim appears on the shoulder strap.


We recommend that you always store the Malona M100 in the sheath supplied free of charge.

The use of the case avoids abrupt and sudden changes in temperature, especially during the summer period.
It is recommended to always keep the shovel in a range that varies from 13°-26° degrees centigrade, thus avoiding thermal shocks such as leaving it in the car for a long period of time at high temperatures.
It is also recommended to use a cloth to dry the shovel in case of humidity before placing it in its case.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ottima racchetta, consigliata!

Inaugurata ieri la M200 in una partita. Veramente un ottimo prodotto. Racchetta maneggevole e leggera, perfetta per chi soffre di epicondilite o dolori generici al braccio.
Rispetto alla M100, racchetta favolosa per il controllo e in difesa, la M200 ha decisamente più spinta e risulta ottimale anche per giocatori d'attacco.
Permette di giocare Pallonetti perfetti e di difendere davvero bene.
Punto dolce leggermente ridotto rispetto alla M100.
Una racchetta davvero per tutte le tipologie di giocatore. Super consigliata.

Matteo Borromini

Ottima racchetta, maneggevole e leggera evita ogni forma di epicondilite.
Ottima in fase difensiva e nei lob, ottima uscita di palla nei colpi al volo e sotto rete
Consiglio assolutamente 🚀🎾